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For awhile now I’ve seen quite a few folks say “We need a place where people can call out the good in the fandom and not just the bad. Some place that highlights all the awesomeness that is furry”. And I nodded and agreed, but nothing came..

I waited and waited and thought maybe some of the sites out there would step up and change things up a bit from the “norm” of call out culture and extreme reporting that only showed how awful people can be some times. 

I personally have had the privilege of meeting some really great, talented, inspiring people through this fandom.  And those people often go unrecognized or are drowned out by the more scandalous things that occur every so often. And it’s truly a shame.  And so that is why I created a news site where we can allow those that bring their best to be seen, heard, and remembered.

It’s a major undertaking but I think it’s a much needed resource for our fandom.
While I hope to find and showcase as many people as possible, I can’t be everywhere all at once, and that is why I will rely heavily on recommendations through our Tips Page.

I also will not be the end all beat all authority of “what is good”. Everything here is done with an open mind and for the purposes of highlighting positive influences in the fandom, in whatever form that may take.

So, without further ado, I introduce you all to GoodFurNews.com. I hope you enjoy what we aim to provide here and I look forward to growing with you and learning even more about our fun little furry fandom.

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Here, doing good is Good Fur News!



2 thoughts on “Welcome To Good Fur News

  1. This is the kind of site I was waiting for, thinking of the times when Furry was presented in a personal way, what it meant to the writer. I loved those old sites, getting to know about one Fur at a time, like the articles here.

    In a world pushed toward sensational and often unsettling news, there have been times when I stagger away from my computer after a reading session feeling dissonant, and have to make my way back to the real world again.

    The site’s design looks clean, not busy with too many sidebars, no timed windows popping up and blocking your screen or cookie policies, thanks for that too.

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