GFN Live! Episode 2 With Special Guest Thabo Meerkat!

This Saturday starting at 3pm PST, we’ll be broadcasting the second episode of GFN Live!
This week we have a very special guest joining us all the way from the Netherlands. He’s a YouTube creator that focuses on the positive side of the fandom with his videos. We’re super excited to welcome Thabo Meerkat!

Watch GFN Live! Episode 2 With Thabo Meerkat! from goodfurnews on

We’ll be talking about his videos and other fun stuff, there will be an audience Q&A and maybe, just maybe even a game or two with our viewers!

So be sure to tune in to Twitch.Tv/GoodFurNews (Click that follow button and turn on notifications so you know when we go live!) and join us for what’s sure to be a fun time!

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