Getting Fit In The Furry Fandom – A Conversation With Tax Beast of @Fur_Health

News Years means many people, in and out of the fandom, have set new goals for their health. So it only makes sense that we look into the fandom and talk to those with experience in health and fitness. Today our Fursonality is Tax Beast from Fur Health giving his insights on the healthier side of furry.

A member of the furry fandom since 2009, Tax Beast found the creativity, escapism, and the ability to meet new people a fantastic opportunity. His start in the fandom was pretty typical but he soon found something that helped to inspire others:
“Like most furries, I got a Twitter. But that Twitter slowly grew to a personal fitness and progression blog where I could post anything and all my thoughts without much effort. Eventually people came for the gym stuff, which was nice because I was able to help and guide people in the process. “

This led Tax Beast and others in the furry fitness crowd to start @Fur_Health, a Twitter account that showcases workout tips, motivational posts and tracks progress of those interested in sharing their fitness goals.
With nearly 2500 followers, Fur Health has shown a wide range of appeal to people from all walks of life. Whether they’re just starting out or, like Tax Beast, have been working out for awhile, everyone can find educational and INSPIRATIONAL information through the account.

Good Fur News caught up with Tax Beast on Telegram for a chat about health, fitness goals and some of the issues facing the furry fitness world.

First and foremost, thank you so much for the interview, I look forward to your insights on both furry and fitness!

Tax Beast
And thank you for the opportunity to be part of your new network you have going!

It’s exciting and I’m glad to be working in this.
So, my first question would be, what got you into fitness and working out to begin with?

Tax Beast
Through high school, and early college, I was generally unhappy with myself and my self image. It started as a “If I can be happier with how I look, I can focus on more as I go”. I knew that the only way to change that would be if I took initiative. It was a slow start, since I went into the gym and fitness world quite blind, and was for the first few years of doing it. So really if anything, it was a dissatisfaction with self and learning I needed to change that.

And do you feel you achieved those goals through fitness solely, or did furry play a part in that as well?

Tax Beast
I actually played a little game with myself. It sounds silly, but as I got con badges at cons (in the really early years) I would ask that the artist draw my character similar to my own body type. So it was a motivation to “see progress over the years” in both my actual day to day life, as well as the fandom.

But actually moving forth and making those goals a reality? Mid way through college I was offered a job to manage a supplement chain. I saw this as and opportunity to really make some big changes in my own efforts, and learn a lot about my progression. Thankfully that job was extremely focused on product knowledge, and learning how nutrition worked. While there I was able to focus on my progress, and get a lot of certifications that still help me helps others today.

“Be proud of the efforts you put forth, even if you’re not completely satisfied with everything you do, somebody will find value in it. That mentality will help you in the long run.”

That is fantastic, and what a cool idea of tracking your progress!

So fast forward, you’re doing good, friends and twitter followers start asking for exercise advice. When did you decide to create/get involved with Fur Health?

Tax Beast
Honestly? It was because I was getting asked a lot of the same questions over and over, and I figured it would be easier to start a community rather than just saying the same stuff over and over through tweet replies. I hate to admit but it was more an act of laziness because I wanted to help people, but it was tiring replying to so much when I would make posts.

I made the original chat with @hellinois and @pookauwa as a “Positive Furry Fitness” chat. After a few months that broke off due to the huge amount energy everybody was expending into the chat, and inability to keep up.

I took some time when that chat was slowing down, and approached @FaartheRam about starting a new channel. He was another person I knew I could trust since his fitness and information level was equal, if not above my own. It was a group effort after the ideas were set down.

A few months into the chat, we were still getting a ton of new members asking same questions (Which of course, is fine, and is expected) and I took initiative to begin writing a guide for people. It took me about 2-3 months, but I eventually came out with this

Its a full guide based on a training program I created while working for two supplement companies in the mid 2010’s.

But demand was still high, so we eventually broke down and decided to make a twitter page for folks who wanted to be part of the community, albeit a more casual approach. I thank @BaseProgression for being so huge and helpful with that, if he wasn’t there, that twitter page would be next to inactive.

You saw a need and you filled it learning (and teaching!) along the way. That’s pretty great right there!

What would you say is the # 1 question you were/are always asked?

Tax Beast
There’s a few. The top three questions are always;

1: How do I lose weight?

2: What keeps you motivated?

3: How do I look like insert celebrity known for being muscular?

Of course, besides #2, those questions are so open ended, and so per-person that it was impossible to make a blanket statement that was helpful.

Right, each workout has to be tailored to the individual for best results! But really, how DO I look like Chris Hemsworth (with more fur)? 😛

Tax Beast
Well first you need to become the god of thunder – and I dont know if i’m allowed to go into that hahah.

Goes in search of Mjölnir

What would you say is the most difficult hurdle to face when working towards your fitness goals?

Tax Beast
For the general person, its “What are the first steps?”.

I say this because there is so much misinformation, and straight up lies through so many websites and sources, that its really intimidating for an average person to hop in and get results that they want or expect.

I won’t list any places because i’m not hear to defame anybody or any sites, but if theres a breakthrough workout, or routine thats “proven to work”, somebody is probably making a few dollars from your investment. It can be sketchy.

I try really hard to break things down into “Heres how everything works”, even if my answers and words go against what people are taught through social media, and general concept.

With health being such an “obvious” subject, nobody wants to think that theyre wrong with it. And thats where a lot of the misinformation starts.

That actually leads into my next question: What, in your opinion, is the worst advice you’ve seen given to someone new to fitness?


Tax Beast
A lot of people tend to jump into fads going on. A great example is the Keto Diet. While yes, you will lose weight very quickly, doing it constantly for over 8 months can cause issues like lack of energy, hair loss, brittle nails, and oily skin unless you’re supplementing with the proper nutrients from other sources.

Beyond that, people tend to focus on “I can lift this much” over anything. And that more often than not, leads to bad form, and bad form will lead to injury, or lack of actual progress in strength or muscle composition.

Don’t do it kids! Or consult a professional before you do!

Tax Beast
Absolutely. There are a lot of times where I may not know the best answer, and I will always suggest talking to a doctor or a specialist. I never want people to get harmed when trying to better themselves. Thats just rude!

Super rude!

I was going to address the silicon injection thing, but then remembered it wasn’t pecs or other muscles that were being injected that caused the harm, sooo..we may not cover that here lol

Tax Beast
If you want my general opinion on it, silicon injections I think are quite silly. Yes, you look “buff” but the look always comes out unnatural, and you didnt work for it. So the satisfaction is only through the initial “woah” factor, and the “Oh cool, I didnt get an infection this time”.

You know, we’ll run with that 😉
It’s been so great chatting with you, and I think we’re just about done here. Are there any final words you’d like to share with the readers?

Tax Beast
I’d love to!

With fitness, it can be a REALLY competitive, and discouraging atmosphere. But I honestly believe that you should treat your progression as your own story. If you compare, you have the chance of discouraging yourself from working hard and becoming the best version of yourself. And you’re worth the efforts of your actions. Don’t let them slip away because you think somebody else does it better.

Terrific advice, and something for everyone to remember when starting on their journey to becoming healthier, fitter, and more Chris Hemsworth like (ok the last one is totally just me). Thank you again for your time Tax Beast! And all the luck in YOUR journey! ❤️

Tax Beast
And thank you for your time!

I’ll be sure to see you as Chris’ stunt double in Infinity War Part 2!

Before we go, we have to ask. What is your favorite food?

Tax Beast
Pizza with Bacon, Spinach, Mushrooms, Olives (Black or Kalamata), and extra sauce!

Be sure to follow @Fur_Health on Twitter and catch Tax Beast at Anthro New England during his panels set for 3-4pm in Ballroom 2!

Have you achieved your fitness goals? Have other tips for new beginners? Sound off in the comments below!

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