Fursonalites: A Tail TWITCHing Interview with Kiit Lock

As someone who has dabbled in the world of Twitch streaming with..some..success (?) it was great to be able to sit down and talk to a furry who has way more experience than I to get input on what makes a streamer successful, what goes into creating a popular stream, and the creative process behind the ever talented (and adorable) Kiit (pronounced Keet) Lock.

We discuss daily routine, tips for newcomers, and a great new website for finding other furry streamers in our conversation below!

“Keep learning and growing because that’s what makes us better. “

GFN: Hi Kiit! Welcome to GFN!
Kiit: It’s good to be here!

GFN: Before we get started, I have to ask, who created your cute Face-rig avatar for your Twitch stream?
Kiit: @BouModels made that frame for me, and is super awesome.

Kiit Avatar by @BouModels on Twitter

GFN: You recently achieved a pretty big milestone on Twitch. Care to share with everyone your super accomplishment?
Kiit: Yes! In November I became a Twitch partner! It was a lot of work but I can’t thank everyone for helping make that happen enough.
GFN: Congratulations!

GFN: What made you decide to peruse a career as a Twitch Streamer?
Kiit: I got lucky, I had actually lost my job at the time. After looking at my finances I thought ‘I could really make this work’. I had already been streaming and I really enjoyed it. I thought ‘I’ll find a part time job and just do this!’. I was so fortunate to find a community that was amazingly supportive.”

GFN: What is your favorite game to stream?
Kiit: I’m what’s considered a Variety Stream. But really there are just too many good games to choose just one. My games range from old classics to recommendations I get from others.

GFN: Ok, narrowing the field a bit, what is your ALL TIME favorite game?
Kiit: Lunar: Silver Star Story!

GFN: What drew you to using Twitch over another platform?
Kiit: My initial research of streaming sites didn’t really show the same usability of Twitch. I definitely was more familiar with that one. The others are all viable, I just felt more comfortable with Twitch.

GFN: You do a lot of charity streaming, tell us more about that and what got you into it.
Kiit: I’ve always done charity streaming with a group called Furs For Life that is ran by WolfPupTK. The stream benefits Extra Life which supports kids in hospitals, which to me is great.

GFN: WolfPup is great and we love the work that he does with FursForLife, but your..history with WolfPup..goes back before joining Furs For Life?
Kiit: Yeah, I would say WolfPupTK was definitely an early inspiration in the fandom.
I was born and raised in Hawaii. I knew about the fandom growing up, but there was a lot of disconnect on what it was like to be in the fandom because everyone was so far away.
There was a military fur group but most of my exposure to the fandom was through YouTube videos and TKs dance videos were very inspiring.
It’s nice and a little unbelievable that I now get to call him a good friend.
GFN: Some say you should never meet your heroes, but it sounds like this is a time it worked out great!
Kiit: Yeah!

GFN: Do you have any advice on starting on Twitch?
KIIT: A lot of people think they’re going to start to stream and then it will just happen. Sadly that’s not how it works.
I say use the “Magic School Bus” approach. Get out there, go an adventure and get messy. You’ll learn a lot of things along the way, but it does take work.
Once you build up those skills, take a look at where you want to go. Sometimes it’s just fun and you want to just keep it fun. Don’t focus on chasing affiliate or partner.
At some point your niche will form on it’s own.

GFN: Walk us through what a streaming day is like for you:
Kiit: I like to be as organic and least cookie cutter as possible when I stream.
I wake up and do what people do when they first wake up…
Alot of the first few hours before streaming is thinking about the stream and what I potentially might do today. Trying to decide if it will be a good fit. Will it be entertaining or relevant to what I am doing?
I use a lot of post it notes that remind me of things I need to do. Patreon shout outs, chatting with the community, and other tasks that I need to focus on for that day.
I also do research on a game, especially if it’s a new one.
I also prep my computer and graphics for the stream and then about 50 minutes before the stream I freak out for a bit.
It’s a lot of work.

GFN: That is a lot! I think some people think they can just sit down and start streaming a game and that’s all there is to it.
Kiit: There’s so much to it. You’re your own graphic designer, IT person, BOSS so you have to manage your time. You’re your own hype-man, accountant..all of it. So there’s a lot more than just sitting down and playing a video game to be successful at this.

GFN: What can viewers do to show you they like what a streamer does?
Kiit: Simply being there is a great way. Just watching. Going from there, being vocal is great as well. Talking in chat, even if it’s just a hello. And of course sharing what you do is always a great way of showing you like it.

GFN: Besides being on Twitch, you’re also a fursuiter! How long have you been fursuiting?
Kiit: Since about 2013-ish?

GFN Do you stream in suit?
Kiit: I’ve done a few games in suit, one was a silly fursuit overwatch stream and the other, that I can’t do right now becuause of space, was Just Dance.

“Keep doing what you love. Keep learning and growing, and you’ll do great!”

GFN: I know Twitch removed the community tag which included the furry community, making it more difficult to find furry streamers. But you and some others from the furry Twitch community came up with a solution. Can you tell us more about that?

Kiit: When the community tab got removed, there was a void that was created. It was already hard to find furry streamers to connect with.
I had been approached by NorixWolfe who said they wanted to do something about that. When we had our Furry Twitch panel at MFF people said that something should be done about this.
It was HashtagPurr that really pushed to make it a thing. So we all got together and built a demo website for us. We invited a few others to come and test it out and everything was working out well and so we officially launched Furry.Watch.
To be clear, it’s not just me that works on this. There is an small team consisting of myself as the Project Manager, Norix Wolfe who is our Lead Developer, then there’s Hashtag who does our Social Media (PR, and graphics), and finally Soatok is our Secondary
We’re hoping to open up other roles as we go along


GFN: Just looking from yesterday to today, we can see there has already been amazing growth.
Kiit: Yeah, it’s been very impressive.

GFN: What sort of other functionality are you looking implement in the site going forward?
Kiit: We’re always focused on the core of the site in being able to find other furry streamers while keeping it as accessible as possible. We will of course have other fun features going forward, but we can’t get into those quite yet.
GFN: Another great examples of furries seeing a need and filling it!

GFN: If people want to see you in person. Do you have any panels planned coming up?
Kiit: Our next Furry Twitch Panel will be at BLFC, everyone should come say hello!

Furry Twitch Panel At FC2019

GFN: Any final message you’d like to share with our readers?
Kiit: “Keep doing what you love. Keep learning and growing, and you’ll do great!”

GFN: Ok, we have to know, what’s your favorite food?
Kiit: Too many to answer. I just heckin’ love food

You don’t have to love video games to enjoy this good floofs Twitch streams. A great personality, a fun audience, and a willingness to try new things to entertain makes this furry one of our favorite streamers. So be sure to check him out (hit that like button and throw some bitties (Twitch currency) his way!) at https://www.twitch.tv/kiitlock
And if you are a streamer or or looking for other furry streamers to follow, definitely check out their new site https://furry.watch/

GFN wants to know, what’s YOUR favorite video game? Let us know in the comments below!

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