Ding Dong! Fluff-O-Gram!

Happy Valentines Day everyone! Here are your Fluff-O-Grams! If you didn’t get one or would like to send a special message to someone, Haven Fusky will be live streaming all day today and you can send one live on air at Twitch.Tv/HavenFusky

To: Technomanser
From: WildWoof

Since the day I met you my life have had a lot of joyful moments.You have turned from my best furiend to my boyfuriend and made me laugh.I will love you for a long time and give lots of love and hugs

To: Belmont
From: Tanaki

U R A cute

To: Mommoo
From: Your Kiteen!

I love you so much momma! You are so amazing! <3!!!

To: Blimp
From: Umber

This lil letter is for my fluffbutt who’s the most wonderful person in the whole world. Love you ~ <3

To: Blazi
From: Sora

Thanks for being such an awesome boyfriend. I consider myself the luckiest guy in the world to be with someone as kind and caring as you. May our love and friendship continue to grow into something amazing.

To: @kinderfoot
From: @lekofloof

Thank you my raccoon for creating such a glorious adventure for us together! I love you with all my heart!

To: Jamie Foxworthy
From: Ash Cinder

We found each other when we both needed someone, we’d had breakups within days apart from each other and we helped ourselves heal. We may be physically far apart, but I know we’ll see each other soon. I love you, flaws and all, Jamie Foxworthy. <3

To: @smatterbrain
From: Alheyalawolf

You are amazing and wonderful and I hope you know how much I freaking love you. Always will a crazy pig lady <3

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