About GFN

Ever said to yourself or someone else: “Gee I wish there was a website where I could find all the good stuff of the furry fandom?”

Well, here we are. Good Fur News aims to focus on the positive aspects of the fandom. From artists, musicians and creators to performers, activists and more. We want to show you what we have to offer.

Good Fur News is run by Haven Fusky a fursuiter out of Portland, Oregon who is known for creating the first LGBTQ+ geek and gaming convention of Texas. However, the news is created by YOU, the fandom – through our tips page and other avenues of communication.

We want to be a resource for the various aspects of the community, and we hope you enjoy what we have to offer as we grow with you on another incredible journey through the communities, events, and people that make up this amazing fandom.

Because being good is Good Fur News.

Have a tip, story, event or individual you would like to highlight? Contact us at http://www.goodfurnews.com/contact-and-news-tips/

Please be aware that this site can and will change as we more forward to accommodate ideas old and new.